Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility

Our Services:

Design reviews:

We strongly encourage include accessibility from the start of your project. This way your designs are at lower risks of being inaccessible to many types of users. Our experts will review your designs (even at the wireframe stages) and guide your team understand how to build them with accessibility in mind. 

Accessibility Audits/Reviews:

At Tech Connect we believe that accessible technology is the only way to an inclusive and equal society. With the support of our estemed partners we deliver two kinds of remote audits for years. 

- Standard Accessibility Review: a remote review of a number of webpages or app pages, culminating in a report on compliance with WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines. This includes information on how to fix guideline violations.
- Quick Accessibility Review – in which an expert will spend a couple of hours working with your team remotely to show you accessibility and usability issues for one of your key user journies and how to enhance it. 

- Usability Testing: We advocate inclusing people with disabilities in all our testing and are able to support the above audits with real user testing with diverse user abilities (Blind, Deaf and Learning disabilites). For more see the Usability testing services page.

Document Remediation services: 

We also believe in buidling content the right way, accessible from the beginning, so we offer document remediation to make files such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, ePub, DAISY, photo and video media accessible. 

Accessibility Consulting:

We love spreading awareness and developing skills. We can work with your digital teams on how to make code accessible and develop a suitable strategy to embedd accessibility into your SDLC.

*All our services are provided in English and we also support Arabic-only speakers.

Training services in IT/Digital Accessibility and Awareness (in Arabic and English)

We offer a range of training courses on Web/Mobile and Assistive Tech workshops targeting developers/managers and designers. We also offer training in making documents and media accessible.


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